@CRENpolitics Christian N: @pferal You are about to destroy three species of animals. They cannot survive in Africa under current regimes. Texas is their only hope.

@pferal Priscilla Feral: @CRENpolitics Wrong. We reintroduced oryxes to Senegal in 1999. Thriving in protected Reserves over thousands of acres.

@CRENpolitics Christian N: @pferal The ranches in Texas are thousands of acres and more importantly, are safe from poachers. 50,000 in Texas, several hundred in Africa.

@CRENpolitics Christian N: @pferal B/c of you, who will provide the money to care for the 50,000 in Texas or do you just want them to die???

@pferal Priscilla Feral: @CRENpolitics Let the oryxes live out their lives on ranches or decent sanctuaries because on April 5, 2012 it's illegal to harm them.

@CRENpolitics Christian N: @pferal I have been 2 Senegal, other African nations, and ranches in Texas. The safest place 4 the Oryx, Addax, and DG to survive is in Texas.

@pferal Priscilla Feral: @CRENpolitics Ridiculous and I was in Senegal 3 wks ago along with your obscene hunting ranches.

@CRENpolitics Christian N: @pferal but they are not going to gain in population on Texas ranches because no one will care for them anymore meaning nearly all will die.

@pferal Priscilla Feral: @CRENpolitics Earth to you: Hunting ranches are not safe for animals hunted. In Senegal, numbers are increasing on protected lands.

@CRENpolitics Christian N: @pferal why did their populations drop in Africa??? One reason is Qaddafi used them as missile practice. Still going to be harmed over there

@pferal Priscilla Feral: @CRENpolitics No. Oryxes were hunted to extinction by French trophy hunters. That's over.

@CRENpolitics Christian N: @pferal how many in Senegal are there???? And by protected, how well guarded? Poachers still can "harm" them very easily in Senegal.

@CRENpolitics Christian N: @pferal first of all, I never said I was a hunter, that was wrong of you to assume. Again, how many live in Africa?