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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Benedict "Arlen" Specter

This week, Senator Arlen Specter, from my home state of Pennsylvania went back to his original roots, before he was district attorney of Philadelphia, defected to the Democratic Party. Arlen has always been a moderate/liberal republican, but I lost respect for him when he voted for the "stimulus" pork bill of 2009. What really has me furious is that a few weeks ago he stated he would stay in the republican party, because he believed in the two party system and had a bigger role in the GOP.  Now the Democrats are almost guaranteed the 60 vote filibuster proof majority  once Al Franken is confirmed in Minnesota.

Arlen Specter, only did this for a one reason, to save his own political career. He was down by more than 20 points to Pat Toomey, who Specter narrowly beat by 2 points in 2004.
 Pennsylvania republicans are sick of Specter, and they wanted him out of there. He may not even win the democratic primary as he all ready has at least one opponent possibly 3 (maybe Chris Matthews if he changes his mind again). Specter may find another "Scottish Law"  like he did in Bill Clinton's impeachment case where he won't be allowed to switch parties (although he legally can but cannot switch to another party if he looses a primary).

As a resident of PA, I say good riddance of Senator Specter, and I hope an honest politician, takes his place.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Parties sweep across the nation

The Tax Day Tea Parties were a huge success across the nation. With thousands attending the Alamo, approximately 20,000 people at the Atlanta Tea Party, a message is "brewing" across this nation. We are sick of the government corruption, spending, and high taxes.

Just before people took to the streets, The Department of Homeland Security warned against "Right-Wing Extremism" including people who have a Ron Paul Bumper Sticker, or "Don't Tread on Me" Flag. Basically if you read the entire 10 page report Click HERE, anyone is a terrorist who is against Barack Obama or his policies.

Today was a day, saying NO to Socialism, NO to new Taxes, and time for accountability in Washington D.C. The tea parties in Texas, may have very well sent the "Don't mess with Texas" message to D.C. today. With hundreds of people flying flags of Texas, America, "Don't Tread on Me" and a new flag, which I think sums up today's parties.

The Flag of Goliad, which is meant to symbolize that "I would rather cut off my own right arm, for freedom, than to live under tyranny." Another message Texas sent to the Union was this said by Governor Rick Perry, pretty much saying Texas can declare independence if it wants to if it should ever come to that point.


Texas should stay in the union, as 75% of Texans think they should stay however I think the Governor was trying to say that every option should be on the table.

We are at a huge crossroad America. We can either accept this socialistic state we are heading towards, or we can defend our freedom, defend our rights, just like the brave men who "drew the line in the sand" at the Alamo. Today may have been the day that started the spark to get our nation back on track, to the Republic it was always meant to be.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Ship hijacked, crew retake vessel

April 8, 2009,
Location: Near Coast of Somalia

Today for the first time since the Barbary Wars era, an American Ship, Alabama, was hijacked owned by Maersk Company but with an all American Crew.

Hours later, The Crew were able to retake the ship and were able to have one pirate in custody. The rest of the pirates are believed to be in the water, and also took the captain of the Alabama with them. 6 US Navy ships are now heading to the area where the ship was hijacked to assist the Alabama and to search for The Captain and the remaining pirates.

This incident along with others in the area only proves two things America, and the Ships must be allowed to do. We need to send troops INTO Somalia and take out these pirates and prove these thugs that if they want to enter this business, they will pay a price. The original creation of the Marines was to destroy Piracy in Northern Africa, tripoli, and the Caribbean. This actually was also the beginning of good relations with our former enemy, Great Britain, as we both had an interest in taking out the pirates. It is also in the Marines hymn, "From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli."

It also proves that Ships must be allowed to arm themselves, or at least give them the option too. The US Navy cant protect the entire region (also other areas have piracy too, Philippines, parts of South America, and even some places in the Caribbean.) Right now International Law pretty much makes it impossible to carry weapons on board a ship in International Waters. It's only a matter of time before they capture a Cruise Ship. They have all ready attemped this twice with two high end ships, Crystal Cruises' Seabourn Spirit, and Oceania Cruises' Nautica. Some cruise lines have even told people to get off in Egypt, fly them to Dubai, and pick up thier passengers a few days later in Dubai.

Lets use our Air Force, and Troops, and Navy to attack these Pirate cities/ports, let the ships be able to defend themselves,  and maybe let the private industry be able to protect these ships. If we don't put a stop to Piracy, it is only going to rise because it is happening in areas where people make less than $5,000 and if you are making millions for one ship, it's only going to attract more business.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The War on our Boarder

Most people probably know The Iraq War, War in Afghanistan, and The War on Terror that America is currently fighting in, however there is one on our boarder that is receiving little attention.

There is a war going on in Mexico of the Drug Cartels against Mexico's Government. Local Government in Mexico is corrupt, they either support the cartels or they are killed. Even areas where the Drug Cartel wasn't fighting like Cancun, the violence is now there as a police officer was killed by the cartels there.

Just to giver you a perspective of the war in Mexico, over 6,000 people were killed in the last 12 months. 4,265 U.S. Soldiers have died in the entire Iraq War. If you want more proof on how the Drug War is effecting us in America, The City of Phoenix was just rated the second most dangerous city IN THE WORLD, behind Mexico City in kidnappings.

Why Kidnappings? The Drug Cartels are kidnapping Americans and Mexicans for ransom, and if it is not payed they are killed.

 The impact if the Mexican Government should collapse would be huge. We could have millions and millions of people fleeing to us. The threat of this happening is very real, their two main sectors of their economy are Tourism and Oil.

Tourism is down 90% and Oil is now relatively cheap, so Mexico's economy is pretty much non-existent.

The only time this war is being mentioned is so some politicians can have their way. "Never let a good crisis go to waist."...Rahm Emmanuel, Chief of Staff for Obama.

Some Democrats in Washington want to abolish the 2nd amendment (The Right to Bear Arms) and some republicans don't want Americans to own semi-automatic rifles. So what they are doing to attack American's rights and "making up numbers" for their political gain. 

Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama have all said "90% of the weapons being used by the Cartels are made/sold in America first, then sent to Mexico." This is false. It is about 17% of the weapons come from America. Most are from the Mexican Government illegally being sold to the cartels, or coming from over seas. Even some weapons from OUR OWN government were sold to Mexican Government which were given to the cartels. 

Where they get that "90%" number is when guns are traced they are found to be traced back to the U.S. The reason why the other 83% are not traced by ATF and FBI is because those guns have markings on them that are not american manufactured.

Just more political nonsense to push their agenda and have rights of American's taken away. Over government is just ignoring the huge storm south us, that is quickly spreading, not stopping at our border and if we don't take action against the cartels, this war will not only be in our backyard, but in our front-yard as well.



The Launch

It looks like North Korea has successfully launched their missile, http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,512583,00.html
and appears Joe Biden was right. Let's see how Obama reacts to this situation and how he handles it.

Now that the technology from a North Korea is capable of possibly hitting our west coast (or from Iran to the middle of Europe) the world needs to wake up and see who were dealing with as they are not afraid to launch them to threaten democracy. We also have other issues especially in our homeland, which I will post more about that threaten are democracy as well. I am just posting this as news is breaking about my first blog.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Will Joe Biden be right? Obama to be "tested"

Remember when Joe Biden said  "Mark my words, It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did to John Kennedy. The world is looking. We're about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator, President of the United States of America. And he's going to need help...to stand with him. Because it's not going to be apparent initially,The world is looking. We're about ; it's not going to be apparent that we're right."

Are the North Koreans going to be the one's who test them and their so called "satellite" launch? I'm curious to see what Obama actually does with this. Will he be tough with them as he claimed he would be at the G-20 summit in London? I think he's acting "tough" right now, and will do nothing, as this incident will most likely be forgotten in a few weeks. 

A lot of factors could happen in this launch, it could blow up on the launch pad like the last time the Taepodong 2 Missile was tested, it could be successful for the North Koreans  and possibly land near Hawaii or Alaska. While I personally doubt this missile has a WMD on it, what about future launch's from the North Korea or Iran (who has interest in this test) will that be "the real deal?"

This is why Obama should not "follow through" on his promise to not weaponize space, and continue nuclear proliferation talks.  At the G-20 he pretty much said lets get rid of all our WMD's. If we can't really talk to Iran, Russia, North Korea, China how the heck are we going to convince them to empty out their arsenal? We also have an unstable Pakistan with them as well. I hope the day never happens but if we are attacked by a WMD from a nation, not a terrorist attack, how will we respond?

This is why Obama must continue on the Missile Defense System ("Stars Wars" defense) initially started by President Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was right on this issue, lets not try to ban WMD's, lets shoot them out of the sky.

So is North Korea's test, a test on our president, and our foreign policy, and to see if they can finally have a missile that can carry out a WMD attack against South Korea, Japan, Hawaii/Alaska or will Iran use it against Israel?

Either way, this is a test, and maybe Joe Biden was right.