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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The War on our Boarder

Most people probably know The Iraq War, War in Afghanistan, and The War on Terror that America is currently fighting in, however there is one on our boarder that is receiving little attention.

There is a war going on in Mexico of the Drug Cartels against Mexico's Government. Local Government in Mexico is corrupt, they either support the cartels or they are killed. Even areas where the Drug Cartel wasn't fighting like Cancun, the violence is now there as a police officer was killed by the cartels there.

Just to giver you a perspective of the war in Mexico, over 6,000 people were killed in the last 12 months. 4,265 U.S. Soldiers have died in the entire Iraq War. If you want more proof on how the Drug War is effecting us in America, The City of Phoenix was just rated the second most dangerous city IN THE WORLD, behind Mexico City in kidnappings.

Why Kidnappings? The Drug Cartels are kidnapping Americans and Mexicans for ransom, and if it is not payed they are killed.

 The impact if the Mexican Government should collapse would be huge. We could have millions and millions of people fleeing to us. The threat of this happening is very real, their two main sectors of their economy are Tourism and Oil.

Tourism is down 90% and Oil is now relatively cheap, so Mexico's economy is pretty much non-existent.

The only time this war is being mentioned is so some politicians can have their way. "Never let a good crisis go to waist."...Rahm Emmanuel, Chief of Staff for Obama.

Some Democrats in Washington want to abolish the 2nd amendment (The Right to Bear Arms) and some republicans don't want Americans to own semi-automatic rifles. So what they are doing to attack American's rights and "making up numbers" for their political gain. 

Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama have all said "90% of the weapons being used by the Cartels are made/sold in America first, then sent to Mexico." This is false. It is about 17% of the weapons come from America. Most are from the Mexican Government illegally being sold to the cartels, or coming from over seas. Even some weapons from OUR OWN government were sold to Mexican Government which were given to the cartels. 

Where they get that "90%" number is when guns are traced they are found to be traced back to the U.S. The reason why the other 83% are not traced by ATF and FBI is because those guns have markings on them that are not american manufactured.

Just more political nonsense to push their agenda and have rights of American's taken away. Over government is just ignoring the huge storm south us, that is quickly spreading, not stopping at our border and if we don't take action against the cartels, this war will not only be in our backyard, but in our front-yard as well.



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