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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Congress shoving two huge bills down our throats

This week on Capitol Hill, Nancy Pelosi is rushing two bills that change the United States in monumental proportions. First, early this week, and Obama's infomercial on Wednesday, was the issue of healthcare reform. This will cost of 1 trillion dollars and it will still leave over 30 million Americans uninsured according to the CBO. While Healthcare costs are enormous, and SOME reform should be needed, HOWEVER, Government needs to stay out of the industry and only give a tax credit so American's can pay for their insurance. In Canada, it takes on average over 9 hours IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM to receive treatment, meanwhile it is less than 1 hour in America. It can also take weeks if not months to see a specialist in Canada too.

Also, if you don't think Politicians want the "one pay" system practically the Canadian system or everyone being on a system like Medicaid, watch this video. Simply shocking.


The other bill which the House is voting on friday is Cap and Trade, which would be the largest tax increase in America's History. Take that "95% of Americans will not see their taxes raised, in fact expect a tax cut" an now consider it a lie, because 100% of Americans are about to see a tax increase.

In this bill, it is supposed to enabled the government to "cap" carbon emissions, but it's more than just that. A more proper name would be "Cap and Tax." This bill would cost the average family  $1,870 and would eventually rise to $6,800 for the average family. According to the Wall Street Journal.

Gas Prices, Electric Bills, would nearly double and some could even rise 90%.  According to the Glenn Beck Program, all of this, in order to offset carbon emissions that would lower the temperature by 2/10 of a degree by 2100.

Everyone needs to contact their senators, representatives, and tell your opinion on these issues. To reach them by phone, contact the Congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121. DO NOT CONTACT via e-mail or letter, letters can take 3 weeks to even get to the office of your senator/representative, and most do not even read their e-mails. If you still want to write to your Representative and Senators do it by Fax, probably the most effective way to contact them. 

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Largest Political group is....

A new Gallup Poll shows America's true political viewpoints. The Republican Party can have a lot to learn from this too. The Poll says 40% of Americans consider themselves Conservative, making them the LARGEST POLITICAL IDEOLOGICAL GROUP.

If the Republican Party nominated a true conservative, they would have the presidential elections practically won. All they would need to gain would be 1/3 of moderates which is very realistic. They need to stop trying to lean "more moderate" like nominating someone like Senator John McCAIN. I also think this is why Liberals and Democrats are scared of someone like Sarah Palin. She is someone who is conservative, and can be respected by many Americans. They see her as a threat to their own ideology and control in America, and want her defeated before she can even run in 2012. 

If the GOP nominates a Conservative in 2012, they will only have to campaign for 10% of moderates, and they will be guaranteed to take the White House from President Obama.