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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Largest Political group is....

A new Gallup Poll shows America's true political viewpoints. The Republican Party can have a lot to learn from this too. The Poll says 40% of Americans consider themselves Conservative, making them the LARGEST POLITICAL IDEOLOGICAL GROUP.

If the Republican Party nominated a true conservative, they would have the presidential elections practically won. All they would need to gain would be 1/3 of moderates which is very realistic. They need to stop trying to lean "more moderate" like nominating someone like Senator John McCAIN. I also think this is why Liberals and Democrats are scared of someone like Sarah Palin. She is someone who is conservative, and can be respected by many Americans. They see her as a threat to their own ideology and control in America, and want her defeated before she can even run in 2012. 

If the GOP nominates a Conservative in 2012, they will only have to campaign for 10% of moderates, and they will be guaranteed to take the White House from President Obama.


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