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Monday, May 14, 2012

Wildlife Hypocrisy In The Obama Administration

The Obama Administration are hypocrites when it comes to wildlife. Readers of my website will recently recall my article about the future of the Scimitar Horned Oryx, Addax, and Dama Gazelle. These animals total over 60,000 in Texas, yet are extinct in the wild in Africa. Since the order took effect for these three species, ranchers have told me stories about how animals that are injured (such as a broken leg) CANNOT BE TOUCHED by anyone since no federal permits have been issued and the animals are suffering. These three beautiful animals may not exist beyond this decade should the United States Fish and Wildlife Order remain in effect.

Now there is more troubling news as it effects our national symbol, the Bald Eagle. Some may recall, the Obama Administration recently allowed two Bald Eagles to be hunted by a Native American tribe in Wyoming. Now it appears the United States Wish and Wildlife Service has declared war on the Bald Eagles. In a new statement, the Wish and Wildlife Service will now allow the killing of Bald Eagles in the name of "green energy" for the country.

So President Barack Obama and his Administration wants to "defend" three animals in Texas as they order these species cannot be harmed or touched without a federal permit, yet total over 60,000. Then the same people will allow the killing of our national symbol, the Bald Eagle, which totals less than 10,000 nesting pairs and tries to loosen hunting restrictions on this animal. The Obama Administration are hypocrites when it comes to wildlife and will do anything to support their agenda and punish the groups who are against it.