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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Parties sweep across the nation

The Tax Day Tea Parties were a huge success across the nation. With thousands attending the Alamo, approximately 20,000 people at the Atlanta Tea Party, a message is "brewing" across this nation. We are sick of the government corruption, spending, and high taxes.

Just before people took to the streets, The Department of Homeland Security warned against "Right-Wing Extremism" including people who have a Ron Paul Bumper Sticker, or "Don't Tread on Me" Flag. Basically if you read the entire 10 page report Click HERE, anyone is a terrorist who is against Barack Obama or his policies.

Today was a day, saying NO to Socialism, NO to new Taxes, and time for accountability in Washington D.C. The tea parties in Texas, may have very well sent the "Don't mess with Texas" message to D.C. today. With hundreds of people flying flags of Texas, America, "Don't Tread on Me" and a new flag, which I think sums up today's parties.

The Flag of Goliad, which is meant to symbolize that "I would rather cut off my own right arm, for freedom, than to live under tyranny." Another message Texas sent to the Union was this said by Governor Rick Perry, pretty much saying Texas can declare independence if it wants to if it should ever come to that point.


Texas should stay in the union, as 75% of Texans think they should stay however I think the Governor was trying to say that every option should be on the table.

We are at a huge crossroad America. We can either accept this socialistic state we are heading towards, or we can defend our freedom, defend our rights, just like the brave men who "drew the line in the sand" at the Alamo. Today may have been the day that started the spark to get our nation back on track, to the Republic it was always meant to be.

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