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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blue Dog Democrats Fold

July 29, 2009

Blue Dog Democrats reach a deal with Democratic leaders with regards to the Healthcare Reform Bill. The deal seems to be that they will cut 100 Billion (less than 10% of the bill) and exempt small business making less than $500,000 a year. Also part of the deal Steny Hoyer announced that the bill will not reach the house floor before the August Recess.

This bill will destroy American Healthcare as we know it. Democrats are taking the worlds best system and putting government in charge. The best metaphor can be found with this video:

Can there be simple ideas to improve our system which does have some flaws? Of course there are, and we should allow capitalism to thrive in healthcare, but we are taking the best system in the world and putting government in charge of our healthcare. This chart below is how are government will run our healthcare system:

Looks confusing doesn't it? Do you really want to go through that for healthcare?

They have a 1,000 page plus bill and NOT ONE DEMOCRAT HAS AGREED TO READING THE BILL BEFORE VOTING FOR IT. What we need to do this august recess, is go to their town halls, tell them how we really feel about this bill, flood their telephones, fax lines, mailboxes, and e-mail about why they should read this legislation (what we elected them to do) and tell them how they should vote.

This is our last chance to stop this legislation because the Blue Dogs are now on board with it. We must defeat it like how American Citizens defeated the amnesty bill under President Bush.


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