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Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt, Iran, Israel, and the New Persian Empire

With the recent riots in Tunisia, Egypt, and now appears to be heading to Jordan and possibly Saudi Arabia I can only come to one conclusion. 

Iran wants a new empire, to control the Suez Canal and almost all the World's Oil to crush The United States economically (since it can't defeat us militarily) and completely surround Israel to destroy them as they have stated numerous times. 

Of the Countries within the bold boarder, only Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Iraq are mostly/completely sovereign from Iran. The other nations now have radicals within them attempting to take over (Egypt, Pakistan, Tunisia, Yemen) and the rest are puppet governments funded by Iran and/or are strong allies of them.

In the case of Egypt, yes Mubarak is a dictator, however, he is an ally of the United States. Yes, Egypt should have free and open elections, but the group leading the riots, the Muslim Brotherhood, has publicly stated that Israel should prepare for war against the "new" Egypt. This will be a case of "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" only that the new boss will suppress more rights of the people of Egypt, become an enemy of the United States and Israel, and most likely be a puppet of Iran. 

This is why holding Egypt as an ally is key. If we lose it, all of Northern Africa goes into chaos because the superpower in the region fell, as well as the Middle East, with Iran ready to take over the region.

This is why we need to get off of foreign oil, drill our own (plus with other solutions), because if we don't, we could be next in the category of chaos.


  1. The downfall of Egypt's dictatorship will have a strategic advantage. For one, Egypt's new government could be a new US ally and form a blockade in Iran's hopes for expansion.

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