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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pennsylvania Primary 4/24/12

All Percents have not reported yet, but so far:

Former Democrat, Tom Smith is chosen as the GOP contender to challenge Senator Bob Casey. 

Congressman Tim Holden (D-17) is getting crushed right now in the primary. He voted against ObamaCare. 

Union backed Congressman Mark Critz has defeated Congressman Altimire who voted against ObamaCare. The two districts were combined following Pennsylvania losing one Congressional Seat from the 2010 Census.

Senator and GOP Majority Leader, Dominic Pileggi, was losing early in the primary, but has since retaken the lead.

State Representative in the 167th District, Duane Milne, appears to have defeated his challenger in the primary.

Other statewide races: John Maher appears to have defeated Frank A. Pinto for Auditor General.

Kathleen Kane narrowly leads Patrick Murphy in the Democrat Party for Attorney General. 

Looking ahead into November, The Congressional Districts 3-7 are looking good for the GOP (based on voter turnout) as they are leading against the amount of votes their challengers received on the Democrat Ballot.

Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-8) should be concerned as his competitor has received more votes than he has.

Rep. Lou Barletta (R-11) is leading in primary votes compared to the other party.

In other interesting news: There are less votes for President Obama in the primary than for the candidates for Attorney General in the Democrat Party. Also the GOP leading in presidential primary votes compared to the Obama.

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