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Friday, October 22, 2010

Juan Williams and NPR

This week has been filled with controversy when NPR fired Juan Williams for comments he made on the O'reilly Factor:

Then NPR President and CEO, Vivian Schiller, says Juan's comments should be between him and his Psychiatrist:

NPR also basically claimed that he was fired for sharing his opinion, however, that was what he was hired to do for over the past ten years while working for NPR. Now NPR has NO African American Journalists, talk about racism, yet they accuse Mr. Williams of being a bigot. Fortunately, Juan Williams, now has an expanded role with Fox News.

Almost everyone has said this was a horrible move by NPR, including Whoopi Goldberg. Clearly NPR wanted to get rid of Juan Williams because he sometimes appeared on Fox News. I disagree with Juan on most issues, however, respect him. He never personally attacked anyone, and he always wanted an honest conversation, which he was doing when sharing his opinion about flying with Muslims.

NPR should lose its federal funding. Besides, George Soros is helping fund NPR anyway. It is sad that our country has gone to this "level" of political correctness, and if we are going to advance as a society, and solve major issues on a scale we have never scene, we need honest debates and discussions, not being politically correct to dodge the issues we face.

Author Note: Sorry I have not posted on here recently, I have been busy in my Senior year in High School and applying for colleges. I will have another article out soon with my prediction for November 2.


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