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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Why isn't the Mainstream Media covering Egypt now?

Almost a year ago, I wrote an article about the dangers of the Arab Spring. Mubarak, the former leader of Egypt, was an evil dictator, but did bring relative stability to the region. What I feared, as well as others, plus some Egyptians I know now living in the United States was more radical people would take over in the region making it less stable and giving less freedom to their citizens. As the riots in the streets happened, the Mainstream Media praised them and talked about how the Muslim Brotherhood were "moderate" and a democratically elected Egypt would be great with them in charge.

Flash forward 11 months later and things are way worse now than one year ago and are way worse the geniuses in the Mainstream Media predicted for the "new" Mid East. As the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom reported, the Egyptian military (the same military which the Mainstream Media wanted to throw out Mubarak) is now beating people at will and destroying their property.

Warning, images and video after the break may be disturbing and not appropriate for some to view:
Tahir Square, Egypt


Video of Egyptian Military attacking people in Egypt

These photos/video are not from the beginning of Arab Spring. They happened this month after the elections in Egypt. Have you scene any coverage (or non stop like it was in the Spring) about this recent news? Of course not, as it would not fit their agenda to help "paint" a nice image of the Muslim Brotherhood and the "new" and "better" Egypt and Mid East.

All I will say is, the world is lucky if the new boss is the same as the old boss because the Muslim Brotherhood looks a lot worse than Mubarak right now.



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