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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reflecting on Three Articles I wrote

When I first created my blog, I wanted to share my opinion on known issues, and not known issues that I felt America would have to fix in order to advance as a society. I also wanted to post articles I have written for newspapers so everyone could have the chance to read them. At first, at most I would get would be 10 viewers a day. I never thought it would become this popular (several hundred views a day now) and I hope it becomes more popular in the following months and years to come. I'm sorry I haven't posted many articles as I would like, however, I have been extremely busy with my Senior year in High School and applying to Colleges. I started writing before about politics before High School, and can't believe it has all ready been four years.

     The first article I want to talk about is the prediction on the 2010 elections. I don't want to brag, but, it appears I pretty much nailed the Senate and House predications, even closer than some media and polling predictions. For some odd reason, I get lucky in political predictions. My other "correct guesses" was I thought John Edwards would be the VP nominee in '04, and I guessed Sarah Palin would be the VP nominee in April of 2008.

While the elections are historic, and sent a message (to some, we learned how stubborn the other politicians are) to Washington and America about the legitimacy of Tea Party. This should be a "pat on the back" not a time for a celebration because we still have massive challenges that threaten our nation both foreign and domestic. In 2012 we still have a ton of work to do to replace the established politicians.

     Second article, was the first "professional" (third post) I ever wrote on this blog about the Drug War in Mexico and The War on Our Boarder. It's sad to see the Federal Government claim the southern boarder is the most secure it has ever been and to see the measures they are taken at our Airports, yet, leaving our "Southern Door" wide open and sue a state trying to fix the problem. It appears Texas is finally trying to do something because today Fox News published an article showing how Texas is using special forces to combat the Drug Cartels, calling this A WAR (the boarder is more dangerous than Iraq right now) and even called this America's Third War.

A year and half ago, I was labeled a "fear monger"and that was I saying "crazy stuff" that somehow this Drug War would spill into the United States. Now, signs in Arizona warning of Drug Cartels violence 80 MILES NORTH OF THE BOARDER. If the Federal Government doesn't send in the military into Mexico to fight the Cartels, maybe Boarder States will have to send in their national guard to protect its citizens. It sounds crazy now, and probably isn't legal, however, the current path has to change before it's a huge issue, and as it sounded crazy a year ago the Drug War would be on our side of the boarder, I bet this time next year, Boarder States will be discussing all options to stop the Drug War in Mexico and the Illegal aliens entering the country.

     The last article, is another recent one about the United States Monetizing Its Debt. This is arguably the greatest threat to our Country. With a massive debt (approximately 96% of our GDP), The Federal Reserve as pumped trillions of dollars (not backed by Gold or anything) to "stimulate" the economy and now is printing money to pay for our debt. Inflation was soon to come, and it all ready is. The UN warns food prices could rise 20% next year, and that Wheat and Corn have risen over 40%. Corn prices will have huge impacts on Gas Prices (Ethanol) and Meat/Dairy products (What the animals eat) let alone Corn itself for people to buy. Dairy prices have also risen by about 30% and a Wal-Mart secret poll indicates inflation is all ready here, and will continue to be a problem.

In addition to all of that, The Dollar will probably lose 20% or more of its value over the next few years.

What all of this means, is rough times are ahead. We have to be prepared, suffer the consequences, and make sure future generations (mine, and my children's generation) can at least prosper and learn to never make the same Progressive mistakes again. It's a great time of year with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming soon. Spend time with your family, and say a prayer for our country, because we need all the help we can get.



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